Minecraft  Birthday Party

Ultimate Games has developed the worlds first Minecraft Video Game Birthday Party. Best of all its in Australia and we bring it to you.

Minecraft has captured the minds and imaginations of gamers of all ages.

With parents always looking to incorporate their child's passions into an engaging birthday party idea Ultimate Games developed a Minecraft party.

With a wealth of knowledge we can help every guest become a "crafter" and have plenty of minceraft party competition ideas.

Kids as young as 5 years old are creating houses, mining caves and working with friends to build their ultimate gaming worlds. Ultimate Games have loaded up the video game theatre with Minecraft ready for upto 20x gamers all at once.

This is not just another party it is an Ultimate Minecraft party.

Need more proof see below quotes from just a few of our happy customers.

" BEST PARTY EVER - We booked Ultimate Games for our son's 8th birthday party as he's a Minecraft and Skylander geek plus, he was having problems making friends in a new school.

Wow - this has been the most talked about party we have held!  The kids were buzzing about the party weeks before and, once they saw the van, we hardly saw them at all during the event (same went for the dads). The kids loved playing all the games and the screens outside the van kept the party-goers entertained until they could swap seats with those inside.

Everyone raved about the concept and how professionally the event was run. An extra-special thanks to Jason for his knowledge about all games and patience with the children.

Will we book another? Absolutely! BEST. PARTY. EVER.

- Sharon & Geoff Snowdon

MOST RELAXING PARTY EVER - We had an ultimate games birthday party on the weekend for our 8 year old son. Everyone at the party had an amazing time, especially the birthday boy.

Organising the party was so easy - Jason answered my emails quickly, arrived at the party early to set up and did an excellent job of running the event - no easy task with 20x 8 year olds. It was the most relaxing birthday party we have ever hosted. We felt we received excellent value for money and would highly recommend an ultimate games.

- Anne Clare

Minecraft Birthday Party

Minecraft Birthday Party

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