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Skylander Birthday Parties

Skylanders Video Game Birthday Party

Skylanders has taken the childrens video gaming market by storm NOT ANY MORE. Let Ultimate Games entertain at your next birthday party with the full range of Skylander toys.

Ultimate Games has Australias largest selction of Skylanders allowing upto 16x gamers to play at once on either Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii. Ask your kids if they would like a Skylanders birthday party and im sure we will be hearing from you soon!!

" EASIEST BIRTHDAY - We had an ultimate games birthday party on the weekend for our 8 year old son. Everyone at the party had an amazing time, especially the birthday boy. Organising the party was so easy - Jason answered my emails quickly, arrived at the party early to set up and did an an excellent job of running the event - not easy task with 20x 8 year olds. It was the most relaxing birthday party we have ever hosted. We felt we recieved excellent value for money and would would highly recommend an ultimate games. - Anne

" BRILLIANT KIDS BIRTHDAY PARTY - It's very hard to find activities & entertaining birthday parties for boys. My son is 7 and we had a brilliant time of keeping nearly 20 kids focused for a couple of hours. I'd highly recommend this to anyone. It timezone brought to you!!!" Kidspot review - Shevaun